Whirlpool bath: instructions for use


Transform a simple bath into a moment of relaxation, absolute relaxation, pleasure ... Why not install a spa bath in your bathroom? Toning or draining massages will then be within reach. How it works ? How much does it cost ? The answers in our practical guide. Do you dream of rediscovering the pleasure of thalassotherapy in your bathroom? The spa bath will remind you of the pleasure of massage in the water. No larger than a classic bathtub, it fits in the recesses of the water feature to add a little extra to the traditional bath. To find out more about whirlpool baths, their massage systems, their prices, discover our guide.

Which balneotherapy massage system for my bathtub?

There is not one, but several types of massages! Depending on the system, but also on the number of nozzles, their effect (rotary jet, turbo, draining action, etc.) and their position in the bathtub.

The air system

The nozzles are positioned at the bottom of the jacuzzi tub, and project compressed air into your bath water. Result: a massage which "reduces the state of stress, promotes sleep, offers the virtues of lymphatic drainage and helps fight against cellulite" explains Grandform, specialist in balneotherapy.

The water system

The nozzles are located on the sides and massage laterally by projecting water. We then enjoy an invigorating massage, which "stimulates the body and blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation, cleanses the skin and increases its elasticity" according to Grandform.

The mixed air / water system

If you can't decide between the two technologies, adopt a mixed system that combines them. You will be able to alternate between relaxing massage and invigorating massage.

Programs and nozzles

Some models offer pre-recorded massage programs. By pressing a simple button, you can, for example, enjoy a "Tonic" program, lasting 20 minutes, which will massage and drain your entire body.
Other devices allow you to create a completely personalized program: power of the jets, number of nozzles in operation, duration of the massage, etc.

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